New things, hopes, and experiences

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Hi to whomever is reading this. I am starting a new phase in my life, within my career and education. I want to have an opinion that matters; one that will be appreciated and shared. I hope that I am not overreaching. I believe any person that wants to affect change, should take part in that change.

So, here I am. I am unsure how this will go, but I have seen several times that ‘you should never give up’, while googling how to gain and keep up a successful blog. Apparently, a successful blog isn’t that easy. 🙂

What I hope to do with my blog:

  1. Initiate change with ideas
  2. Participate and use my voice (words)
  3. Reflect my skills and knowledge on Public Policy (Health Care Reform)
  4. Track my hopes and dreams for Health Care Reform
  5. Provide comment/feedback on current policies, in the news
  6. Matter


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