Impeded by FAT

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I have been fat all of my adult life. I always justified it, because I had not experienced any health care scares, and I was fairly active. I hiked, camped, kayak, and loved the water. I didn’t have any issues putting a bathing suit on, and proudly displaying what ‘my momma gave me’. I felt that life was pretty gosh darn good. I went dancing almost every weekend. I didn’t smoke, abused alcohol, or any type of drugs. I just wanted to dance and dance. I think I am pretty good on the dance floor too. I just needed my bottle of water, and some rocking music. I have a thing for old 70s and 80s music. I could really ‘get down’ to that stuff!

What changed for me?

My husband and I had an unexpected pregnancy; our first. Needless to say, we were ecstatic, but I experienced my first scare about my size. Clinically, I was obese, regardless of my height; I am almost 6 feet tall. I knew that I wanted to lose weight before our first pregnancy, mainly because of the weight I thought I would gain, gestational diabetes scare, and high blood pressure, which could cause a very difficult pregnancy, and I did not want to expose my unborn child to any of that. What could I do now? Nothing.

I threw myself into a healthy lifestyle immediately. I drank ungodly amounts of water, fruits, and vegetables. It was an easy transition. I did not experience the horrible issues of morning sickness. The only thing that made me gag was gargling, after I brushed my teeth.  Around my fourth month, I began to lose weight, DURING my pregnancy. I began to shrink, and my belly began getting larger and larger. Now, I have another fear. What pregnant woman loses weight during her pregnancy? Something was wrong, I thought. I was so scared. My OBGYN kep

t assuring me that everything was just fine, and that my pregnancy was a diet for me. He found it amusing. Our baby was still measuring properly and was at a healthy weight. Hmmmmph..

By the time, it was time for our daughter to arrive, I had lost about 15 lbs during my pregnancy. One week after she was born (8 lbs 15 ozs/22 inches long), I lost 35 extra lbs. I am letting you know that it is possible, strange, and I did not like it. It scared the bejesus out of me, even with a healthy baby girl. It just did not seem possible. I was also curious about how long this was going to last, because I knew that my mind had not changed about food, and it would all come back if I did not change.

Now the challenges had begun.

2 days old, on Christmas day.

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