When we are all skinny, then what?

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Achieving a perfect world, without flaws, is possible? Or are we just kinda sorta mixed up in a political and social inequality warfare?

I get that it is healthy to live a healthier life. Also, personally speaking, I feel fantastic, I look phenomenon, with each passing day. I also understand that the beauty I feel and see are not what society expects, due to my waistline. I have met some absolutely beautiful people, throughout my life. They were not fat, but had some extra cushion, yet the pressure of the society had told them they were a misfit, and needed to change their physical appearance. ‘Girl, you just need to lose 5 more pounds, then you can go and get that dress.’ Yet, they had successful marriages, and a supportive family. I have also known some very beautiful thin people. You know, the ones that everyone suppose to look like, and they were miserable. They masked it well, were very successful (let’s face it.. beautiful, physically fit people get the job first) but was sitting on someone’s couch once a week, and were heavily medicated. Their lives were a mess. Maybe, it is because they were tired of being used as the world’s example? Maybe?


I have the pressure of being a great mom; a loving, supportive wife; an available daughter and friend; a great student and leader that contributes and is not complacent. Lastly, I have the pressure of the world to look a certain way; live a certain way; and be who society expects. Now, if I had to choose two out of three, the lateral choice would drive me crazy. I am not a celebrity, a famous writer, poet, or musician, therefore this type of pressure should not be given too me.


When we are all thin and look the same, physically. Then what? Will we then be placed on even playing fields, with the same opportunities? No, because then it will be something else. God help us, if we get trapped into another political warfare. The uniqueness of this world would be gone, as well. So how far are we, as people, expected to conform? Are we to change who we are, every time something needs changing? Can we ever be perfect? I am not sure that’s a reality. Perfection means no growth, stagnation.

I use this argument, because obesity is so much more than bingeing on bad foods. It infringes on cultural standards and beliefs; it is genetically devastating; a physical, mental, and emotional entrapment that cannot improve with society’s stereotypic behaviors. I hope my argument does not seem discombobulated. What I hope to show is the size and level of confusion and culpability.

There is not anything wrong with knowing and owning who you are. Sure, we should be healthy, but we cannot throw our identity away achieving a healthier lifestyle. The magic is in the teaching. We have to bring awareness, without placing blame, stripping culture beliefs, while providing knowledge.  I do not want to look like or become Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez. Yes, they are beautiful, beautiful women that have had the same problems, in life, I have. That kind of beauty and success do not erase LIFE, and all that comes with it, and nobody can change that.

So, I would say, let’s get healthy, not skinny, and focus on becoming a better person. At least that’s what I am doing. I will keep working on my weight and waistline, until I identify with that girl in the mirror. This is when I know I have hit my weight loss goal.

One thought on “When we are all skinny, then what?

    P3R said:
    July 1, 2012 at 10:35 am

    true story! 😉


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