Eating at the Work Place: Can I still lose?

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Hi everyone,

I have been away finding balance into my life. My daughter has started daycare, and I’ve started working. Although, I am walking and moving more. I forgot how easy the temptations are at work with those wonderful things called VENDING MACHINES. They are full of wonderful sweet things that are exceptionally bad for you. I have not lost anything, and have gained about 8 lbs. I do not like it at all. Finding my perfect balance has been the most challenging thing. I tell ya, it is not fun or joke losing weight. Halloween came, and pretty much just knocked my socks off. It’s no excuse but my own, but it is a testament how hard losing weight really is. It is no easy feat. I am honest about my struggles, which is sugar; I am having a hard time. Once you get out of the stride of things, it’s most difficult finding balance. It truly is a mental game you play.

Why is so hard? Why can’t I just stay on course? I love my sweets, which I’ve blogged about before is my kryptonite. First thing Monday morning, I will dump the candy out from my desk. The second 20 lbs have proven most challenging. My life is in constant change mode, which has generated a bit of a distraction. So, how can I live through a distraction or life change and still support my weight loss journey? How, when these are my most difficult times? Prayer never hurts right? This also let’s me know that I need to recommit to MYSELF every single day.

I’ve recognized my weakness, now I just need to love myself more during those weak moments. The best thing about work is that there is an amazing cafeteria there that offers all sort so fresh fruit, vegetables, cooked healthy choices. I’ve been at home with my little one all of this time, and now my true challenge begins. Eating at the working place. Jesus help me!

The shock of good bad food has paralyzed me!


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