Sometimes, you must fire your doctor

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This morning, I went to see my primary care doctor, whom I’ve seen for a couple of years now. I stayed, because he was close to where I lived, and I needed doctor referrals for my broken leg visits. Now that I’ve gotten better, he has to go, and he solidified that for me today. I am a believer and follower of JJ Smith. She is a nutritionist that exudes everything that I was looking for in my posts from 2012. I feel that she is a God-sent for me. She is amazing; an all natural teacher and consumer. She isn’t trying to sell me anything, which I really like. She’s simply providing her knowledge and wisdom.

Today, I spent $137 dollars at my doctor’s office, the visit was actually $150, only for him to tell me how great he is, and the real reason I’ve lost 25 lbs. He took my joy about finding this woman. If you know me, you’d know that I don’t follow gimmicks or what’s cute and fresh for someone else. It has to work for me. I don’t like taking pills or medicine to stabilize my living and health. I don’t like it or quick fixes. Not for me. If someone else chooses it, then by all means; however, it isn’t an option for me, and JJ Smith has given me that. He told me there was no such things as being hormonally out of balance. I know that’s a lie, because i have researched everything. He suggested that I cancel my appointment with the endocrinologist also, which was just ludicrous.

I’ve seen doctors like this before. At that moment, he stopped being a doctor and just a greedy man baddoctor

that didn’t care about my health. JJ isn’t the only person that speaks about being hormonally out of balance. It’s a very real thing. He didn’t support anything that I’ve done, and when I say NOTHING, I do mean that literally. He said she was a complete waste. Needless to say, I immediately felt some type of way, because for the first time in my LIFE, I am losing weight. I am not killing myself in the gym, starving myself, or sick and losing weight. I am losing it naturally and honestly. He was one of the ones that gave me that food picture.

I couldn’t understand how he could just discredit her like that. The fact that her teaches has helped me with my food choices, seasonings, and value, he should have been more supportive. He and I have never had those conversations. I have a HSA plan, and he will no longer get any more of my money. Nothing and negativity should always be free. Because, I was served with a double serving of both, my doctor was fired today.

One thought on “Sometimes, you must fire your doctor

    ghrelin gremlin said:
    May 5, 2015 at 2:47 am

    I hope you find a great new dr who respects what works for you. I’m glad you showed that loser the door!


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