New additions to my life…

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I do not like feeling overwhelmed. So I introduce things very, very slowly. The tea is the newest addition. It’ll take some getting used to. However, if you’ve cut out as much sugar as I have, it’ll taste like a million bucks, which it does!

The liver rescue was the second thing I added. After doing some research and learning about this particular vitamin, I opted in. I get mine through After about about 3 days, my weight actually went from stall to the downward direction.

Before taking these and the probiotics, my weight stayed between 369 and 373 for almost 2 months. This was two smoothies a day and healthy snacks. Then JJ Smith introduce the 1st of the 5 hormones series we are covering this month in Healthy is the New Black. These were the 5 major hormones that can seriously impede your weight loss, especially being over 35. We’ve covered two so far, and based on all that I’ve learned, I am certain that I have some problems. I knew for certain, when I started doing some of the suggested detox methods and these two vitamins, because i dropped 11 lbs. In addition to this, I made my first appointment with an endocrinologist. It’s tomorrow, and I could not be more excited. This also truly solidifies JJ Smith. She’s my real deal. I am requesting these 6 hormones to be checked:

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