Work From Home versus Office with success in weight loss…

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Work From HomeI have to go into the office tomorrow morning. As a work from home employee, it is a tad bit stressful. I try to strategically schedule my times in the office, and avoid full days, if possible. Although, my employer does a great job with healthy choices and options, the temptation for other things will become distracting. it’s easier to prepare and have healthy choices, always at your finger tip. When you are in your own home, all temptations can be removed. Honestly, I don’t know if I am strong enough to go into the office full-time, because my journey is so new. I am certain that I couldn’t be where I am now, had I been in the office.

There are things that I can do at home, without hesitation that I wouldn’t dare do in the office. I don’t have to worry about some crazy stare, or becoming a distraction if I jump up and start marching in place, running around in a circle, or lifting my 3 LB weights in the air. That’s another benefit I would lose, if I was in the office. I am married to my desk, so it would become increasingly difficult.

I have some projects coming up, and the best thing is I will be up and moving! So, I will say this, it depends on what I am doing and its flexibility, so that I don’t have any problems getting my move on, should I need to go back in the office. That’ll decide how my weight loss journey will continue, in the near future. It’s interesting, but I am always up for a good challenge. I wonder what others experience have been?

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