Mentally Redressing, while Dressing this Shrinking Body

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The challenging thing for me, in this transformation, has been getting use to seeing what other’s are seeing. I am trying to relate to this person that has lost so much weight, which is about 50 lbs total, to date. I am experiencing an out of body moment. When I look in the mirror, I still see my fuller self. Although, I love the skin I am in, it’s very surreal. I am still trying to identify with the other girl in the mirror:


I went shopping at one of my favorite stores that I’ve not being able to shop at, in years, due to my ballooning weight that was out of control. The highest size they carry is 26/28, which is all that I’ve ever be able to wear, up until a few years ago. I have spent more time in the office, and I needed clothing that fit and were office attire and not bagging and ill-fitting. I purchased my first 22/24 in my Lane Bryant history. Depending on the material and cut, I could get in my beloved 18/20. However, I don’t want to go from big to snug. I am still a curvy woman, and I must consider my body shape and image, while shopping. Below are a few pieces I purchased. My muffin top is slowing shrinking, but shrinking none the less. I have something to smooth that out. What you don’t see is that those pants are pulled up to my bra. This size 22/24 palazzo pants fit big, so as I continue to shrink, they will go with me. I will probably need to get the pant legs cut, as I lose weight, and they become too long. They are elastic waist, not button. The tube dress just screams… HAPPY! The bottom is really big. I love the color; I love the fit, and it will go with me also, on my weight loss journey. It’s so cute! it comes with straps, and I will match it with one of my many shrugs.


Appreciating myself throughout the process is so very important for me. It’s also equally important that I look good. I feel good; life has settled, and I am happy for the first time in a long time. And I have nails!! I’ve never had nails. I am a lifetime nail biter. Eating healthy, getting rid of my stress, baggage, drama, and letting go and allowing God has just been serving me well! I LOVE IT!

Love yourself first, and your future will open up in ways you’ve never expected!

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