Detoxing Sunday

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Today has been all about detoxification. I started my day with JJ’s defined body brushing. I don’t know about the cellulite, but I can attest for some seriously soft skin! Oh my lord, I have brand new baby skin. I do it exactly as she describes, in the video below. I try to do this, once a day. It’s simple, easy, and if nothing else, I have the softest skin.

I also did my Yogi Detox tea as well. I like to add a nice chunk of fresh lemon. It’s just takes it to a brand new level. I sweeten with honey. A delicious way I get my day started, every morning.


I am going to finish the night with a castor oil heating, for about 45 minutes, while watching a movie, and then the detox foot pads to sleep in for the night!


This will be my first time using the Castor Oil Pack Kit. So, I don’t have any feedback to give. I can tell you what my other Green Smooth Crew says, and they love it. So, here goes my new!

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