Brand New Sundays…

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Saturdays are when I am running the streets, shopping, getting errands done. Sundays, because I like the idea of tradition and a nice Sunday dinner, is when I am cooking in the kitchen. This is also, when I will most likely cook a new meal. This Sunday was about that ‘free’ Halibut I got a couple of weeks ago, and some fresh Brussels Sprouts. The fish was actually really good, but I was shocked about a few things. I will start with some photos. followed by a quick comment:

First of all, let’s start with this delicious new fish I’ve decided to try. Keep in mind, before the butcher gave it too me for free, I just knew that there were several pieces in the package, because it was $17.99.



Well it wasn’t. These two ‘steaks’ were all in the package for $18 bucks, which is why I will not eat this fish very often. It’s a special day kind of fish. Yeah…


I pan seared it, in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, seasoned with Cumin, garlic, black pepper, paprika, and sea salt. It was really, really good.


Even she ate it, and asked for more. However, there were only two, so there weren’t any. She had to eat her side veggies.


Now here are the Brussels sprouts. I had washed them, and was getting ready to cut the ends off to start cooking and look what i found…


Bug bites and holes. They were a bit too fresh. Almost all of them were like this. Not a very good start. They went in the trash @ $3.50 for the package. I’ll stick to frozen for future. I haven’t given up yet on Brussels Sprouts.

Dessert 😦


Banana chocolate chip cookies. They were as bad as they look. They went in the trash. Goodness gracious! The only win for this past Sunday is the expensive Halibut.

I’ve been exposed. This is how you spend $700 in 30 days on grocery. You buy stuff that you are not accustomed to, and 80% of it end up in the trash. I have to do better! Maybe just add something every other week or once a month new will suffice financially. If I do that, I am not wasting much money, yet still introducing new foods to my meal planning.

I am learning, and this is still progress, right?

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