Day 3 of DHEMM

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Yep, that about sums it up. However, my 35 squats, 5 sit ups (real ones), and 20 crunches are done!! My thighs are burning. Oh wee! It sound so great, when you someone tells you how great they look and feel, after losing weight, but lawd, the journey getting there is no JOKE! I still got in one Zumba dance. I just kinda rocked side to side. LOLOLOL

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten my Fitbit. I’ve still be able to keep up over 5000 steps a day. I have to climb those stairs to get in my bed. This hard work has already paid off; I am just nosy enough to stick to it to see what else I can do!

I am sore, but I am sore, but I am also VERY accomplished!

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