Wow! Last post was 07/07/2015

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Hi everyone,

I didn’t realize it has been so long since my last post. My work has gotten super, duper busy. However, I am still in this fight. I binge, a few weeks ago, but have gotten all of those lbs off. I am back at my last posted weight. Now, I am tired, because I have gotten really busy. Growth required time spent, right? I am looking for growth and upward mobility. I am not just taking my weight loss journey by storm, but also my career. It’s time to get it moving. The more I invest, the more I will be rewarded. Unfortunately that has meant, no blog posts in almost 3 ENTIRE WEEKS! That’s just too long. This blog keeps me honest and accountable. Not to mention, I paid! I am el cheapo. If I spend my money, I expect it to be utilized.

So, no weight gain, and because of the binge, no extra weight loss. It’s okay, because this is a journey right? Life is good, and this journey will guarantee that life is GREAT!

See you in few…

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