Tonight… Color Vibe Run… Life

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Usually during a particular time of the month, I have these god-awful sweet tooth cravings. This month has been a mixture. I have no desire for meat every day. However, i wanted something savory, but healthy. I made steam fried cabbage, in olive oil seasoned with chopped bacon, onions, carrots, garlic powder, black pepper, and sea salt. On the side, I just wanted some sweet corn. Taste buds sometimes seem to be all over the place. But it was so good!

In two weeks, I am getting ready for the Color Vibe run. I am not there physically since hurting my leg. I am still going though, even if it is a long walk. I am going to pick up a knee brace and get it geared and ready to go. I am still very excited about it. I am certain my 4-year-old is going to love it. We have a white tanks, so that we can absorb everything. LOL

Look out world, because here we come: high-energy 4-year-old, and her shrinking mother!! I haven’t a clue about what to expect, but everyone has absolutely loved the color runs. There’s another one scheduled in October that her school is going to take part in. If this one goes well, I will do that one as well, with her school. I am curious how I will do. Is that sad? It’s certainly a milestone.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 🙂


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