Morning WORLD!

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I’ve been busy, but I’ve not forgotten. I ended up losing about 8lbs. Not bad, not bad at all.


I didn’t fully complete the entire 10 days. So you start again and again, until you get the results you want. I’ve had some high level stressers going on, yet I am sleeping, eating, and actively involved in living. Because I am not allowing those ‘distractions’ to connect with my mind and heart, I will continue to lose weight. Thankfully, I am no longer an emotional eater. Now that doesn’t mean I will not go and get that good good ice cream ever now and again, only that I am not depending on it.

Perfection is not the goal I seek. I just want to keep giving a good effort. It’s obvious that although it’s not a smooth ride, I am on the right path to my destination!



Healthier FAT girl

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