Day 4 of Green Smoothie (Modified)

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Today was probably the hardest day of them all. I was reminded why it has been so much harder to have weight loss success, in an office setting. Some times people can be so insensitive, due to a huge lack of misunderstanding. However, due to my journey a few others have decided to start. So it’s all about the green smoothies. Thankfully, I believe in me. I am in touch with my weaknesses and my STRENGTHS!

Weight loss journeys are so personal. Nobody is owed an explanation, when they have an overwhelming need to interject an ‘opinion’. You owe nobody a response, as to what your schedule is. Your journey is YOUR journey, NOT any other spectator. You have to do what makes you successful. Today was just an outright cheat day. I know that if I pushed myself, and didn’t enjoy anything other than green smoothies, I would have stopped 2 days ago. When I am not drinking a smoothie, I can have high proteins, with low carbs. I don’t want to hear about the bread I decided to consume multiple times throughout the day. In addition to the bread, I had raw baby carrots, boiled eggs, and both breakfast and dinner green smoothies.. That bread was not a bad consumption. I had a pretty freaking good day yesterday.

I have decided to have a cheat day on Fridays, while in the office. My job feeds us on Fridays. Although, I do not have to go overboard, I will partake. That’s life. Learning to balance, healthy, clean, and free. Be happy, not miserable. If you want a damn cookie, eat it! Life doesn’t say you can’t have a cookie. Your health and your LIFE says you can’t sit and eat cookies all day and night and not expect to damage your body. Eat smarter, healthier, with less delicious garbage!

I am a fat girl still looking for my balance. I haven’t found it, but I haven’t given up on it, and I am certain I am right on the cusp. I am still very present. I’ve lost 5.5 pounds. So, not only am I losing weight, but I have exceeded my target. So, for anyone that has struggle with weight loss, you can let all of those naysayers know they can have a SEAT anytime, while you strut your stuff!!

I will get to go back home to work, in my near future. However, this is good for me to prove to myself that I can do this in the office, because that’s real world, not sitting at home working.


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