Getting ready for my next walk!

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I just signed up to participate in the Multiple Sclerosis walk, on April 28th. The last time I had something like this to look forward to, it gave me an extra push and motivation to build my stamina up. It’s for a great cause, and I am very excited about participating and trying to raise some money.

I’ve not weighed in this weekend. This was my birthday weekend, and although I didn’t have ‘cake’, I’ve had some delicious replacements. I will start again tomorrow, following the suggested caloric meal plan. Fun times, indeed.

However, this past week has been really, really bad and emotional. There was a moment, when I was driving down the street, mentally arguing with myself, to get fast food and something sweet. It’s but a rare occasion, when one can pinpoint the exact moment of an emotional eating episode. I also gave in. Although, things in my life are relatively smooth and good, extensions of me have been immediately and negatively impacted. Lives are changing forever!

I recounted the moment, over and over in my head, thinking and acknowledging that I could have made a better decision in that moment, yet gave in to my desire for something I could control. I think this moment was the first time, I’ve honestly glanced in my head. Typically, I do these things absently. I pray that my acknowledging this moment will hugely affect my future decisions, when I know that control is slipping out of my grasp. I feel smarter, with this happening. Now, it’s time to pay attention to my body, earnestly, when it’s not asking, but my mind is.


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