Upper GI Scheduled

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Friday, I went to see my new Gastroenterology. Apparently, the next step in the process is to do an Upper GI. I need anesthesia and all.  Hmmm… They need to see my stomach. I was told that I was a healthy big girl. I know that. My blood pressure was 138/73, and I had not taken any medication. I am feeling pretty darn good.

I started my strength training, on Thursday. I’ve done it every day thus far. I have to do 2 support groups. One of them I went to was an exercise class. I want to see other people that have done the surgery. That’ll be on the 17th. I am going to do more of the support groups, because I want to do the food store tour and the protein class. I am not going to participate in the cooking class. I’ve gone to Walmart and Harris Teeter, and the proteins just look like foreign objects. (ugh…) However, I am a pretty good cook, once I know what I can cook. I’ve been learning about food for a couple of years now. I know how to play with fresh herbs and veggies, and it actually taste really, really good.

I am learning a lot, and I am applying everything. My work schedule is about to balance out, and I will use that time for THE GYM! I have one onsight, at my job. With my strength band, I will be able to tone and work on my muscle, but I haven’t done well with adding cardio. But it’s coming soon!!

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