When it rains it pours!

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Ya’ll I fell down my entire flight of stairs! This was suppose to be my come back month, before my 4th weight loss visit for exercising. I fell hard, and down all 15 stairs. I must admit, if I didn’t have all that cushion, at the back, I would have certainly fracture/broke my tail bone. So, hip hip hooray for the fat! My bad leg, which I completely separated from my foot three years ago, twisted behind me, and that’s the leg I slid down all 15 stairs on. It’s a miracle nothing was broken. And guess what was happening, AGAIN?? Damn furniture delivery. Gawlee!!! The first time I broke my leg, I was directing traffic to get my sofa in, which never made it in. I slipped in mud, and completed broke all three bones connecting my foot and leg. This time, the delivery guy was knocking at the door, and I was coming down the stairs, and my foot slipped in front of me, on the second step. The worst part about it is that I don’t trust that bad leg. I will not where heels, because I am always afraid of falling again. I’ve been living in my home for over a year, and this was the first time, I’ve ever slipped, let alone fallen. I am always super cautious, and just that one moment, I was so excited, and I didn’t pay attention, or practice the caution I have for years, and I rolled.

My elbow is completely skinned up. I can’t hardly laugh, cause everything hurts. I busted my big toe open, right after a fresh Mother’s Day pedicure. I scared my baby so bad, it was a crime shame. But, I will say, she decided when she saw me hit that bottom step, that she was going to help her momma. She had forgotten to hit the button, for emergency like I showed her, but she turned and said, “I am going to get some help for my momma!”, crying, but not hysterical. She was amazingly calm. She was going to get the furniture men to come and help me. But there was no need. I stopped her, and I said let’s check to see if anything is broken. If not, we will get our furniture in the house, and go to ER. That’s exactly what we did.

No breaks, but I feel like I have rolled in a car crash about 6 times, and then got beat up by young Mike Tyson. Lawd!!

I’ll exercise next week. 😦

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