MRI, plus weight loss update

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Well, I didn’t get to do my MRI today. It had to be done at a different facility to accommodate me, and a genius didn’t bother by telling me. I don’t think it’s a torn ACL, because my knee has gotten better. I still walk with a slight limp, but if it’s just the MCL that’s to be expected, as it’ll take up to 6 weeks to heel. Most importantly, another surgery will mean that I can have my weight loss surgery on schedule.

One of the processes is to obtain 5 years of my weight history. Not to waste a perfectly good day, I did complete my 4 out of 6 visit today, which is a part of my weight loss process and got 4 of the  years completed. Once I get that last year, I am completely done with my requirements for surgery. I now only have 2 more visits, before I’ll be scheduled for ‘the’ day. My last appointment is approaching rapidly. I have found myself thinking about a lot of things that I’ve normally never thought about, simple things like:

  • frequent flyer potential
  • theme park rider with my kid
  • running (a lot)
  • walking faster
  • less knee pains
  • mortality (never considered it before much)
  • riding a bike
  • introducing hiking to my kid
  • skinny people clothing
  •  the shape of my face
  • my boobies***
  • if perception will change, from plus size to ‘skinny’ with the same credentials and education***

I don’t think much about loose skin. It was my initial concern, because I want to wear a bathing suit, because i will now. But, I am at a point in my life that I am openly capable of accepting everything, except sagging boobies. Uh huh! That’s the one thing that I said, I will have repaired, as soon as I can. However, I am hoping that I have inherited my dad’s side of boobies. My aunts are small, and blessed!! If I did, there’s some hope! LMAO!

We shall see….




2 thoughts on “MRI, plus weight loss update

    Sally Joseph said:
    November 17, 2016 at 6:28 am

    I love this post……..Thanks to shearing with us…..


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