It’s been a long time…

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Hi all,

It’s been such a long time, since I’ve written last, and I have much to tell. I have moved forward with having a gastric surgery. I went with the surgery suggested by my bariatric specialist, Dr. Peter Ng, with Rex Specialists. I went with his suggestion of the duodenal  switch. I had surgery on 08/31/2016. I had to do liquids for 2 weeks, which started on 8/17. My highest weight ever was 415 pounds. I was 385, the day of my surgery, I was 370 pounds. Today, I weigh in at 311.5 pounds. I look better than ever. I feel amazing, and it has already been life changing for my daughter. Not only am I crossing my legs, of this 5 foot 10 inch body, but I am to actually able to do things with my daughter and not feel every creak or pop in my knees or back. It has been the best decision I have made for my life!!! I am so happy.

What it has not been is the quick or easy way out. I still have to work. Lord knows, I sure don’t want my droopy skin to get worse. So, I am resist banding and squatting every step of the way. I figured my boobs will need to be surgically fixed, at some point. I have found hips and curves I had no idea existed. Dare I say, I am getting fine. Pictures are coming! I am one big, shrinking ‘unhumble’ pie. Lol I am definitely in love with me, and I can’t wait to share more!

Peace, love, and squats!!

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