Big decision.. the biggest!

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Should I or should I not…

SHOP! Lord have mercy. I have curved my spending, now that the holidays are over, drastically! I must admit, I did partake in the many sales, in every department store imagined. However, most of the shopping was spent on under garments. That’s the one thing that I just can’t fit anymore. Because, I am just feeling myself a little too mich, I went pretty and dainty, which translates to $$$! I have however had a great time shopping in my closet. The one outfit that gave me the largest response from my friends, family, and outside stares and comments was an old outfit.


The dress is a year old, and the jacket… drumroll please… is over 15 years old! It has a nice cut and style to it, so I never got rid of it. It looks brand new. Because, I am smaller now than I was at 23 years old, it fits better! It’ll be to big in 2 months! And just for the sake of showing my cuteness, I added a closeup shot. I love the way I look!


We went to church, then to see Hidden Figures. A great movie by the way! I am still trying to figure out my balance. I do know that I don’t want to look slouchy, unkempt, while shrinking into the woman I am becoming. Did I mention that I am single, so I try to look date ready as much as possible. Lmao!!! The shame in saying that is that I am not ashamed at all!! Who knows the second time around may be a great success story! Lolol

For now, I need to curve my shopping. My closet can’t take any more new or old clothes. Not to mention, this transition will become very expensive. I am looking for an affordable seamstress, in the RDU area. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate the information. Working at home keeps me from needing to worry about dress wear all the time; however, I’d like to look photo ready when I do go in the office.

I have already purchased, THE weight loss dress, which I purchased in a small size 16. I am going to do a photo shoot as my gift of celebration when it fits! I hope to be in this dress by early spring!

Fun times indeed are a’coming!


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