Day: February 22, 2017

Acknowledging A Shift

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I am down, a total of 115 pounds. Some of it on my own, but most of it is from my weight loss surgery. I am totally looking different. I decided a long time ago that I would not be the frumpy, rumpy, dumpy ‘fat to skinny’ girl. I said early on, I was going to do it with class, style, sass, and as much sex appeal I could muster. I am holding that end of my bargain. hahaha

However, I’ve have noticed a change in how I am received. I said, in an early post, before my surgery, that my physical change would cause people to treat me differently. I remembered typing that I would be upset if that happened. Well, it has happened, and I lied. I have loved every bit of the extra attention, the lingering stares, especially from the opposite sex. My curly natural locks have gotten shiner, so has my teeth, and forehead. Lord! LOLOLOLOL I am embracing everything. It feels normal. I’ve always been outgoing, fun, with a big personality. I feel like the old me, just smaller.


I’ve encountered some negatives, but few and far in between. When I do, I get rid of it immediately, because it isn’t my norm, or something that I am willing to become accustom to. My negatives have come from my overwhelming change, attitude, and presence. It has rubbed individuals wrong. However, I can’t accept that that negativity is mine or my fault. It may have caused some self-conscious feelings, about oneself appearance, or their inability to lose their own weight on their own. I’ve been mocked minimally about taking the easy way out. However, I have owned this process from the beginning. I took me about 4 months of meeting and speaking with my surgeon to really sign off on it. This wasn’t an easy decision, and it hasn’t been an easy process. I think attitude, and the willingness to go alone with all that comes with it makes a monstrous difference. I accept all that comes with it, dumping and all. The dumping will get better, as you learn your dos and don’ts.


LIVE! Don’t abuse your body, and be careful not to replace one addictive behavior with another. I haven’t made any major purchases. I have shopped some, but that stopped mostly, after Christmas. I am only 6 months out. If it is to start, I haven’t a clue as to when it would. My debt is at a all time minimum. I don’t club or drink. Right now, I’ve not picked up any bad behaviors. I am terribly aware of what the statistics says. My most excessive behavior would be working, at this time. I love working; I love what that means for me and my daughter. However, when I could, I’ve always worked a lot. This minimize time for boys. I am not willing to give up one for the other. So, I am not sure if that’s a replacement. I do obsess a little about money. But not to spend, but ways to increase and SAVE! I am so scared about being broke and losing everything, again. I think about it more than normal, lately. I don’t know if it’s because of this stupid political environment, or because of my fear of being wasteful. I don’t know. At this time, if I was to be honest, with myself, I don’t have any excessive, crazy behaviors that have replaced my food. I hope to never get any, but the writings and statistics says that some bariatric patients experience it. If one should come, I hope I can identify it and fix it FAST!


Whelp! Lord have mercy!

My arms are definitely my problem children. They are just there dangling. My upper thigh fatty area is also terrible. You can’t tell in my clothes, and I don’t have to put on stuff to make it look better. You can just see the lose skin, outside of my clothes, and I have almost 100 more pounds to go. So, I know it’s going to get worse. I love my boobies, but if I sit up a certain way, or look at the wrong time, I can see the wrinkle in them now as well, from loose skin. I still have a lot of belly and back fat. My stomach is just starting to droop. I use this lotion that has collagen in it. I put it everywhere. My triple chin is no longer, but if you catch my head turned just the right angle, you can see lose skin, where my chins once were. I really need to start pounding those weights. I am not sure what to do about my chin area. It doesn’t look bad. You’ll have to really look to catch it. LOL

However, I will not change a thing! If this is my beginning, my lord what will another 6 months be like! I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT! Maybe the money I am scared to spend will help me fix some of these problems, in a couple of years! You never know!

Peace, Love, and LIFE!

It’s my 40th Birthday

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WoW!! WoaH! Lord Have Mercy!

I am turning 40, in just a few short hours, and I am just thrilled to pieces!! Had I known that today would be the way it is today, I would have stopped worrying and complaining a long time ago, because things were just going to get better. Now, I was already on this happy train, before I had weight loss surgery, but it sure does add to this huge permanent grin, I am possessing right now! I am no longer pre-diabetic; I no longer have hypertension; my knees no longer snap, crackle, and pop. I can walked up my stairs, without my knees feeling like they are about pop out of its joint. I am a praying woman, I don’t know about the people that will read this, but I am so glad that I finally listen and heeded God’s advice. I am healthier, happier, and more content than I’ve ever been in my life. Most importantly, I can be the type of mother my daughter deserves! If momma isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. When momma’s happy, the WORLD is happier!

I am about to put some music on, after making sure my baby is in the bed, and about to dance this night away!!

I wish the entire world peace, love, and compassion tonight! I wish the world just an ounce of what I am feeling, at this very moment! I love me and I love you!