Month: July 2017

Bouncing Back

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I just hit a rough patch, and I learned that I still have a problem. Food was my go to again. It’s difficult to binge or eat too much of the wrong thing, because you’d either get really sick, extremely uncomfortable, and the most essential vitamins and proteins begin to drop, because of lack of consumption. My nails started to break more often, not growing in strong, like before. The edges of my gorgeous hair has broken out and has taken longer than normal to start growing back, although I do a full daily dose of biotin, hair, and nail vitamins daily.

Although, I wanted this or that, in regards to food, I didn’t go crazy. I actually joined the gym. Added a second protein drink to make sure I hit my target of 70 grams of protein daily. I put the cereal down for breakfast, and got my bacon and oatmeal back. I never messed up my vitamins. I suspect they are better than they’ve ever been, because I am so scared of getting ‘hospital’ sick. A few times, I got those bad ‘borderline dehydrated’ headaches. Those were awful, and my initial tell-tell time that I am falling.

I had to catch myself. I don’t have time to get sick; not take care of myself, when I’ve worked so hard getting here. I don’t deserve that, and most importantly neither does my daughter. And I am just too cute to be stressing over something that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I could have lost a lot, on the path I was on mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially! Somebody tried to come and steal all my stuff! So, I focused on ALL of the really great things that are in my life. I got to work and rid of the things that weren’t good for me, my happy, and healthy self!

Not to mention, I just can’t become a 40 year old fool! LMAO

Peace, love, and loose skin,