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I’ve risen from a very deep sleep…

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I’ve been gone for a very long time. I’ve needed to clean my spiritual and mental house. Now, I am ready to get on with the business of my physical house. Reviving my weight loss journey, this go around, has been with a lot more focus and willingness to really get it right, including doing things outside of my norm and comfort zone. I promised myself that I will keep searching for a program/process that I was happy with, felt and knew that I could be successful in. I also committed to the financials. I still hear these arguments about healthy eating being cheap. In short, that’s a lie. It isn’t. I spend hundreds of dollars on food, snacks, water, vitamins, and detoxing methods per month! Several months in, it has gotten cheaper, but not less costly.

Since I’ve been gone:

I’ve divorced (YAAASSS!); relocated to beautiful Raleigh, NC; became gainfully employed with a company I will do great things with, and of course, all things health care related; stopped short of 2 classes and my dissertation in obtaining my PhD to become a single parent for the first time; healed from a foot that was completely separated from my right leg. The day I moved to Raleigh, I slipped in mud, trying to direct a sofa onto my first floor apartment patio, and yes my hands were free. It was a freak accident that left me a cripple for many months, and a little over a year to heal. With all of that, it brings me back here, and I am ready to rumble!

Where I started:

This blog will have pictures and numbers. No more hiding. I am so proud of myself and where I am today, and I hope that my brutal honesty can help someone else, and then we can win together. My highest weight was 410 LBS, starting 2 years ago. I am a big girl. I stand about 5’10. About a month ago, I took this picture:

40lbs gone

When I took the ‘today’ photo, I had lost 40.6 LBS, from my heaviest. As of today, I’ve lost almost 50 LBS from that very heavy person. I’ve gone from wearing a size 30 in my clothing to a comfortable 18/20, on my bottom. I’ve lost a lot of weight in my chest, arms, face, legs, thighs, but not my gut. It’s shrinking, but at its on pace. Most importantly, I’ve lost a lot of inches (pure fat). I was shrinking, when my numbers weren’t changing on the scale. I will tell you all who i follow and why, on a later post. I want you to come back! LOL


Happy and healthy looks good on me! I am still not opposed to being a heavy girl. I’ve never been thin. I can’t imaging a life as a skinny girl. Yet, I’ve not worn a size 18 since high school; so who knows. I’ve met my initial goal, which was 5% lost of my weight to meet my company weigh-in for my benefits. It isn’t a requirement, but I’d like to do it for myself, and the incentives are to nice not to at least try. My secondary goal will be to see 337 again, which is the lowest I’ve gotten on my own before. As of today, I am at 362.4. My target deadline date is the second week of August 2015. I am going to do it!

Talk to you tomorrow,

This is where I am in my life both, professionally and personally!

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Comfort Zone

I love this song, and it reminds me that it’s okay to come out of my comfort zone. It’s okay to be challenged, and allow even the most intimidating person to know me. I am stumbling forward, but at least I am moving, again! I have been stagnant for a few years now, and it has been long past time for me to reintroduce myself to the world. I have dreams, professionally that I want to see come to fruition. So, now I will move out of my way, and allow God to challenge me, while coming out into my destiny.

Am I saving the world?

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I want to wake up every morning with a passion. I want to say that I love what I do, everyday. Someone said to me this weekend, at a friend’s ‘completed-defend-of-dissertation-moving-away-party’ that she loves how I want to “save the world.” I thought that was so funny, because I never thought that I gave that energy off. I am passionate, yes, but a miracle worker? No.

We were talking about specializing in a field that aren’t hiring much. In other words, you don’t want a uniqueness, where you are simply not needed. She has just completed her PhD, but found, before completion that she needed to change her direction so that she can become more marketable. I don’t think anyone wants to go to school as long as we have and find ourselves unemployed or underemployed. I guess with all of my passion, I have a level of naiveté. I do not want to fall through the cracks, and become obsolete. There’s nothing cute about that!

I will heed her advice, and begin contacting employers to find out what they are looking for, so that I can have a lovely and marketable portfolio.