Today, I ate like a fat girl!

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My apologies first. I have been under the weather, fighting a summer cold, and an infection. I am beginning to feel better, but I have other things I need to play catch up on. One, being my school work.

I have had a lot of swelling, in the past two weeks, which has been not very appealing on the scale. I have gained 5 pounds, and have now lost 4 of those. I am still within 1 pound of my short-term goal. Being sick, left me a bit unmotivated, but I was still mindful, because I DO NOT want all of my hard work going down the tubes. That’s not very cute.

Well, today, I wanted a burger with all the fixings and trimmings. My husband said that it was okay, since I haven’t had one in about 4 months. Someone had posted about a place called Whataburger. I have heard of them, but never eaten there. However, when I found that it was a 40 minute drive for me, it simply wasn’t worth it. I am not willing to spend more in gas to get food, so I settle on Wendy’s. And I got a large root beer. The mayor of New York would have been very disappointed in me, because today, I ate like a fat girl!

I lost a pound!

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I lost 1 pound this week, with 1 1/4 inches less in my waist!!! I’ll take it! Last week, I lost 2.2 lbs! This put me at a at total of 29.4 pounds lost, and .6 pound from my 20 pound goal. I have lost almost 7.5 inches from my waist.

I actually own a little black dress, which I thought I would never show enough interest in. I put it on this weekend, and I looked and felt fantastic. I have much more to do; I am not delusional, but I can keep dancing and enjoying my small victories, all the way to the finish line!

Twice, in two weeks, initially, it appeared I had gained, and not lost. I would weigh in again in the afternoon, and both times the number has been less. Water weight can fool you. I have grown accustom to its tricky ways, and now during my weekly weigh in, I am not discourage, especially if I am only seeing less than a pound weight gain. I know that if I see an increase of 2 or 3 lbs, then I can rest assure that I gained from whatever I had eaten, and will need to do some tweaking.

There are a lot of people, in my life, working on their weight, and some are moving faster than me. I have done well, thus far, not to become discourage or drift into someone else’s life and goals. I am staying my course, and I am glad in it. There are times, we get so distracted with what someone else is doing that we lose focus of our own agenda.

So I say:

  1. Identify what you need to change
  2. Create a plan of action
  3. Focus on what works for you
  4. Live your plan