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Long time no talk, my peeps!!

I have decided to move forward with the weight loss surgery. It’s going to give me, my best me, and complete control over my life. I’ll be ready for my 5 year old and all of her new adventures, as we prep and ready ourselves for KINDERGARTEN!!! She will be participating in a Chinese Immersion program that I am very excited about. Who knows where that will take us. I have a six month wait period, and I am certain I will have the quality of life with her that I’ve started to long for. Not to mention, I am going something fierce!! So, I’ve been spending these last couple of months learning and reading EVERYTHING! I’ve gone to all of my support group meetings. After Friday, I will have completed everything that is required of me. I just need to do the paperwork, although my surgery is still months away. I’ve been looking for a great comparative article that can explain Gastric Bypass vs. Duodenal Switch, and I found it tonight. It was enough to share here. I hope that anyone that is thinking about it or confronted with trying to decide, this may help:

Researchers Take a Closer Look at Weight-Loss Surgeries

This article was written in 2012, by Alexandra Sifferlin.

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20 pounds at a time

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I’ve lost another 1.8 pounds this week. I feel fantastic. I was just reading a blog that was so inspiring. She said, “Since I’ve lost, I gained a life”. How true that statement is. Now that I am on this path of discovery, I have not considered the endless life changes that I will experience. If I felt that my life was pretty good before, I am on the road to greatness!

I have already noticed changes with my sleep, mood, and energy levels. It really is truly a transformation. My goal is to not get a head of myself, and appreciate the steps that I am making, on a day-to-day basis. One thing I have done to avoid overwhelming myself is to place my weight loss goals in small 20 pound increments. Overwhelming myself is a real possibility, if I took on an insurmountable goal; my task would seem more daunting and frightening.

20 pounds is easier to digest than 80 or 100 pounds. At the end of each 20 pound victories, I do something nice for myself, and I start all over again, as if it is day one! I hope I am not making it seem that the 20 pounds are easy to shed, because they are not, but it is a real conclusion. Moving past what our society and environment expects is the tough part, because there is not a quick fix to transforming a lifestyle. Sure, I could explore the options that are available, such as gastric bypass or Phentermine or Orlistat (weight loss medications). However, are these things going to change my behavior; my mental thoughts of food; decrease my ignorance on good and bad foods? No, it is not.

These things are quick fixes and temporary. The Mayo Clinic found that ” it’s common to regain weight no matter what obesity treatment methods you try. ” This means that all the work that should have been done, in the beginning, still has to take place, to keep up the weight loss. One way or another, a behavioral change has to take place, or the weight will come back.

So, I am settling in to my 20 pounds at a time, while I walk into a better life, one day at a time.


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