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Long time no talk, my peeps!!

I have decided to move forward with the weight loss surgery. It’s going to give me, my best me, and complete control over my life. I’ll be ready for my 5 year old and all of her new adventures, as we prep and ready ourselves for KINDERGARTEN!!! She will be participating in a Chinese Immersion program that I am very excited about. Who knows where that will take us. I have a six month wait period, and I am certain I will have the quality of life with her that I’ve started to long for. Not to mention, I am going something fierce!! So, I’ve been spending these last couple of months learning and reading EVERYTHING! I’ve gone to all of my support group meetings. After Friday, I will have completed everything that is required of me. I just need to do the paperwork, although my surgery is still months away. I’ve been looking for a great comparative article that can explain Gastric Bypass vs. Duodenal Switch, and I found it tonight. It was enough to share here. I hope that anyone that is thinking about it or confronted with trying to decide, this may help:

Researchers Take a Closer Look at Weight-Loss Surgeries

This article was written in 2012, by Alexandra Sifferlin.

Take care…

Day 7 ‘Not so’ Clean Eating

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Today is Day 7; Day 7! I have had to take some Ibuprofen for my tooth, but all is well today. My breakfast was garbage, and my dinner was also. So, I am going to spend this time to talk about my lunch today. It was very healthy. I had a Smoothie King smoothie! Oh my lord!

Apple Kiwi Kale

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Give your body what it needs.

Nutrition Information

20 oz
32 oz
40 oz
Calories 415.5
Fat (g) 0
Saturated Fat (g) 0
Calories from Fat 1.5
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Carbohydrates (g) 102
Sugar (g) 93
Protein (g) 1.5
Sodium (mg) 163.5
Fiber (g) 3


Kale, Apple Juice, Kiwi Juice Blend, Bananas, Electrolyte Mix

Recommended Enhancers

  • Soy protein
  • Immune

If you have never, you need to FAST! This thing was so good. I added extra greens and protein. This thing just makes you want to sing!!!

Today was $5.00 for a 32 oz green smoothie!


Now doesn’t that look just wonderful? Trust me, it is!

A healthier FAT girl!

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Hi everyone!


I am on my way home, from a very long vacation. I am rejuvenated, happy and full of all kinds of horrible delicious foods! I’ve traveled and eaten a great deal through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas! I also rode on a large swamp boat, alongside alligators, soaking in some serious Vitamin D! I also got to meet some of the Gator Boys, from the Animal Channel, although I didn’t know who they were. LOL

Alligators in Moss Point, MS
Alligators in Moss Point, MS
Moss Point, MS
Moss Point, MS

I’ve visited New Orleans for the first time. I went in hot pursuit of authentic New Orleans food. I had the best Shrimp and Grits and Gumbo!

Shrimp and Grits
Shrimp and Grits 
Seafood Gumbo
Seafood Gumbo

I wish I could make something like that! I had home cooked food, by the boat loads, which included sugar, sugar, sugar, white flour, and everything else nice!  Then I found a place called Slap Ya Momma BBQ in Gulfport, MS. I’ve not been on the Gulf, since Hurricane Katrina. They’ve grown tremendously, and the people are so amazing!

Slap Ya Momma
Slap Ya Momma
Slap Ya Momma
Slap Ya Momma

From Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, I went home to see my family in Arkansas. Oh my lord, I ate everything that was put in front of me. There’s something about home cooked food that simply feels so good!

Fried Crawfish

It was so good that it was sinful! I rarely go home, and I miss it. Until next year, I will not do this again, especially at this level. I am going to the park to get my workout on, when I get back in North Carolina this weekend. I received such a warm reception from my family, and my weight loss was noticed. They are so proud of me; therefore, I will NOT go back! I think I became an inspiration also. I have shown that plus size women are beautiful, smart, determined, and just as deserving. The reception I received, in spite of my horrible food binge, was so overwhelming and encouraging. I will keep going for sure!

I am planning my next 5K in October! Wanna come with me? I may do the one with my job. Now that I know that I can do it, I am feeling invincible! So, although these past two weeks were pretty deliciously bad, they by no means show who I have grown into. I am a healthier fat girl, and I love it. Most importantly, I love me!

Help! I’ve lost my mind!

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Color Race

Today, I paid for and secured a ticket to run my first 5K race, The Color Race. Whoa! I am terrified and excited all at the same time. This is something I never thought I’d ever do again, especially after suffering the level and type of break in my lower right leg. What! I never thought this would become my life. I don’t want to fool anyone. It’s nothing I’ve ever considered either, until I decided to get on this lifestyle change journey. It’s shocking!

When I saw it, I just clicked on it, and paid for it, then thought about it. Had I not done that, I wouldn’t have registered. I want to take more chances; I want to live free, honestly, and unafraid of any type of challenge. I have two months to prepare and get ready. Everyone talks about the Couch to 5K app. So, I’ll download that and get moving!

I am so excited! Are you ready to go on this journey with me??

Oh my lord!! Let us pray QUICK!

Vitamin D level is 16

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I got my results back for my Vitamin D levels, and they are really low. According to my doctor, I should be around 35. I picked up some supplements and a prescription today. The prescription is for 50000 mlg to get it up fast. I will take this dose, once a week for the next 8 weeks.

My blood pressure is pretty close to normal at 124/72. Whatever kidney test he did, it’s also normal due to the drop in my blood pressure.

However, this doggone low Vitamin D means swelling, blood pressure spiked, and most terribly, difficulty losing weight. Say wha…


When we are all skinny, then what?

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Achieving a perfect world, without flaws, is possible? Or are we just kinda sorta mixed up in a political and social inequality warfare?

I get that it is healthy to live a healthier life. Also, personally speaking, I feel fantastic, I look phenomenon, with each passing day. I also understand that the beauty I feel and see are not what society expects, due to my waistline. I have met some absolutely beautiful people, throughout my life. They were not fat, but had some extra cushion, yet the pressure of the society had told them they were a misfit, and needed to change their physical appearance. ‘Girl, you just need to lose 5 more pounds, then you can go and get that dress.’ Yet, they had successful marriages, and a supportive family. I have also known some very beautiful thin people. You know, the ones that everyone suppose to look like, and they were miserable. They masked it well, were very successful (let’s face it.. beautiful, physically fit people get the job first) but was sitting on someone’s couch once a week, and were heavily medicated. Their lives were a mess. Maybe, it is because they were tired of being used as the world’s example? Maybe?


I have the pressure of being a great mom; a loving, supportive wife; an available daughter and friend; a great student and leader that contributes and is not complacent. Lastly, I have the pressure of the world to look a certain way; live a certain way; and be who society expects. Now, if I had to choose two out of three, the lateral choice would drive me crazy. I am not a celebrity, a famous writer, poet, or musician, therefore this type of pressure should not be given too me.


When we are all thin and look the same, physically. Then what? Will we then be placed on even playing fields, with the same opportunities? No, because then it will be something else. God help us, if we get trapped into another political warfare. The uniqueness of this world would be gone, as well. So how far are we, as people, expected to conform? Are we to change who we are, every time something needs changing? Can we ever be perfect? I am not sure that’s a reality. Perfection means no growth, stagnation.

I use this argument, because obesity is so much more than bingeing on bad foods. It infringes on cultural standards and beliefs; it is genetically devastating; a physical, mental, and emotional entrapment that cannot improve with society’s stereotypic behaviors. I hope my argument does not seem discombobulated. What I hope to show is the size and level of confusion and culpability.

There is not anything wrong with knowing and owning who you are. Sure, we should be healthy, but we cannot throw our identity away achieving a healthier lifestyle. The magic is in the teaching. We have to bring awareness, without placing blame, stripping culture beliefs, while providing knowledge.  I do not want to look like or become Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez. Yes, they are beautiful, beautiful women that have had the same problems, in life, I have. That kind of beauty and success do not erase LIFE, and all that comes with it, and nobody can change that.

So, I would say, let’s get healthy, not skinny, and focus on becoming a better person. At least that’s what I am doing. I will keep working on my weight and waistline, until I identify with that girl in the mirror. This is when I know I have hit my weight loss goal.

Am I fat or PHAT (Practical, Honest, and Talented)?

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I have always known that I was overweight. However, I had never experienced a negative reaction to my waistline. After moving to Charlotte, I realized that there was a very negative perception of overweight people. I was young and naïve. I have worked hard all of my life. I am the farthest thing from lazy. For God’s sake, I had chopped cotton, down in the rural parts of The Delta.  I have usually worked two jobs; although, I was completing my degree. Socially and physically, I have never felt any restraints. What I wanted to do, I did. So realizing that I was, supposedly, lazy, unhappy, sad, and lonely was more shocking and sad. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I moved to Colorado, which has a 19% obesity rate (Calorielab 2008).

I remember an incident, after moving here. I went to have dinner with a co-worker and met some really great people. One of the girls and I had become really good friends. She later revealed too me that when she saw me walking in, she immediately thought “oh my, here comes another large, unhappy, mad-at-the-world black woman.” I was so shocked, by her admission. Along with her admission, she offered an apology and acknowledged that my life had order and an independence that she longs for. This gives meaning to NOT judging a book by its cover, right?

Now, I wonder how often does this happen? How often am I seen, and immediately dismissed into the unimportant bucket, before I am heard? I don’t want that to happen, because I am pretty PHAT, regardless of my waistline. I am driven, smart, and has a supreme case of curiosity that will keep me grounded, forward-thinking, and ambitions.

I recently found an article that stated that the power of weight loss does not come easy for some. In this case, young black and white girls were studied. It was found that with daily exercise/activity Caucasian girls can easily keep up a healthy weight. However, for the African-American girls exercise needs increasing; although, they were unable to decide how much more exercise was needed. In fact, their study concluded, “But for black girls, there was no clear link between physical activity at age 12 and obesity at 14 (Pittman 2012).” The conclusion, in my opinion, stated that obesity is inevitable for some African-American girls.

This article did not offer any other avenues for the black girls to make a healthy weight loss. As for me, I have learned that no matter how active I am, my weight is not going to change, unless I begin the process of introducing healthier choices of food and utilizing portion control. These things should not have been introduced, at the age of 12 and 14, but at the earliest stages of being a toddler.

Within my family, I have decided to start now. My 17 month has just now become picky. She does not do well with green things. She likes to play with her peas, squish between her fingers, and give them back to me. However, if I add them in a soup, and I do not allow her to self-feed, she will gobble it up. Her dad has been able to successfully get her to eat spinach. I think she likes the seasoning he uses. If I am eating broccoli, and I feed it to her, she will eat it. At this age, I have found that most things are eaten, based on the introduction. My daughter is of me, metaphorically and physically speaking. She copies everything I do.

Based on this article, I can probably feebly defend my waistline, though I will not. It is still my responsibility to make sure my health and that of my family leads to the road of success. This article also explains that obesity is more than just laziness and will power. With the obesity talks on the table, hopefully our policy-makers and consumers can talk evenly and equally about the nature of this beast and how to contain it.


Pittman, Genevra (2012). Black girls don’t benefit as much from exercise. MSNBC. Retrieved from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47694881/ns/health-childrens_health/

Calorielab (2008). Mississippi is the fattest state for 6th straight year, Colorado still leanest, Rhode Island getting fatter, Alaska slimmer. Retrieved from http://calorielab.com/news/2011/06/30/fattest-states-2011/