Am I saving the world?

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I want to wake up every morning with a passion. I want to say that I love what I do, everyday. Someone said to me this weekend, at a friend’s ‘completed-defend-of-dissertation-moving-away-party’ that she loves how I want to “save the world.” I thought that was so funny, because I never thought that I gave that energy off. I am passionate, yes, but a miracle worker? No.

We were talking about specializing in a field that aren’t hiring much. In other words, you don’t want a uniqueness, where you are simply not needed. She has just completed her PhD, but found, before completion that she needed to change her direction so that she can become more marketable. I don’t think anyone wants to go to school as long as we have and find ourselves unemployed or underemployed. I guess with all of my passion, I have a level of naiveté. I do not want to fall through the cracks, and become obsolete. There’s nothing cute about that!

I will heed her advice, and begin contacting employers to find out what they are looking for, so that I can have a lovely and marketable portfolio.